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Kassamanding Kanteh, Nusrat Senior Secondary School, Grade 12, Commerce

All years are not the same. Some can be boring while others can be really exciting and leave a memorable impression in your mind. This year, being among the years that excites me most, has to say a lot about my future. It is the year that marks the end of my secondary school career and the start of a new chapter in my life. After I walk across the stage in June, everything is going to change, nothing will ever be the same.

Sometimes I have this enlightened moment where I say to myself, Wow, this is my last year in high school, I am about to graduate. And then I see myself walking the verandas of the University.

Ever since I was in primary school, my eye was always set upon being a nurse, but due to some reasons, I wasn’t able to study science. However, I now like to studyaccounting and would like to become an accountant. From the day I started studying commerce as a field, accounting has been my best subject and that passion will continue to the end.

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Fatoumata Fatajo, Salikenni Upper Basic School, Grade 7, new student

I am really happy for the fact that I took first in the trial exam among my fellow girls and as well glad for being part of the Salikenni Scholarship Fund. It is a project that has helped many succeed, and it’s a pleasure to be part of the family. 2018 is quite a good year for me not only because of SSF but also it is a beginning of a new experience for me altogether.

I admire bankers and would like to be one in the future. For the fact that I enjoy playing with figures, I know that I will be comfortable in the banking sector and thus would want to choose it as my career.

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Amadou Ceesay, University of The Gambia, 2nd Year, Political Science

The Salikenni Scholarship Fund is the organization that has molded up my potential and talents to be who I am today. It serves as an inspiration and keeps motivating me. It built up my career and I am glad today to be the only child of my parents going to the University of The Gambia. Going to the university is a privilege as many do not get access to it. SSF serves as my first and last resort. It gives me whatever I need as long as education is concerned.

This year is very special for me because I am getting to understand my area more as a 2nd year student, and I am getting even more prepared toward the last phase of my course. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I want to do my master’s in international relations.

My dream is to become a diplomat. This dream came to me as a result of the foreign policy of The Gambia, which in most cases does not serve its people.

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Mariama Ceesay, University of The Gambia, Final Year, Medicine

The excitement I have for 2018 is huge. I am expecting to finish my 7 years’ marathon at the University. By December I will receive my license to operate as a medical doctor in The Gambia.

Even though I am not now sponsored by SSF, I still consider myself part and parcel of SSF as it was the one that stepped up for me when I needed it most. I am very grateful and proud that I am the first in the history of SSF to graduate from the medical school. Even though I am married I hope to work closely with other SSF students to help them realize their dreams in their various disciplines. I hope to work in one of the best hospitals in the world someday and be a source of inspiration to others.

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Omar Bah, Salikenni Upper Basic School, Grade 7, new student

My name is Omar Bah, a new SSF student. I feel really excited this year as my dream throughout my primary school has been realized. I have worked very hard during my lower grades at school to be able find a place in SSF. Now I have got it I thank God for that. I want this program to help me to achieve my biggest dream: to become a medical doctor because I love helping sick people. I promise to work hard from now until the time that I become a doctor.

I am glad to be part of SSF, and my family is proud of me as well for this milestone.

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